Pipe and Drum

A115269-016A-016The music of the bagpipe virtually symbolizes music at the Highland Games.

Listen as the McPherson Pipe Band warms up and close your eyes and imagine you're in Scotland.


Thrill to "Scotland the Brave" and "Amazing Grace" played on the Great Highland Bagpipe!


Can you identify the tartans worn by the various pipe bands?  Pipe Major Ty Kaufman leads the City of McPherson Pipe Band.  The band wears kilts in the Red Macpherson tartan.  



A modern set of Great Highland Bagpipes has a bag, a chanter, a blowpipe, two tenor drones, and one bass drone.


Enjoy the mid-day ceremony and closing ceremony complete with the McPherson Pipe Band.

See schedule for times.

Days until the Scottish Festival

Lakeside Park, McPherson, KS

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