History and Policy


The tradition of Highland Games is many hundreds of years old. Chiefs of Scottish clans used games to test the strength and agility of persons who seemed to hold promise for positions of military leadership.  What was at first serious competition for such positions, developed later into a festive occasion in which the display of physical prowess played a leading part.


---To provide a destination event as a benefit to the McPherson economy.

---To assist regional persons of Scottish, Irish, Welsh, and English family heritage and interest by providing an educational experience with others of similar interest.

---Educate adults, youth and children to appreciate theirs and other cultural heritage.


The McPherson Socttish Festival celebrates the Scottish heritage, but does not view one culture heritage superior to another, and therefore, wishes to encourage pride in all peoples of their own unique heritage.

All participants are expected to cooperate with the festival policies.  The Festival Committee maintains the right to limit participation by any individual or group.

The park is a non-alcoholic event.
All sponsor cash goes throught the festival treasurer.
Team leaders are to notify festival sponsor leaders of in-kind sponsors.


Days until the Scottish Festival

Lakeside Park, McPherson, KS

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